WOW as a tab in Microsoft Teams

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If you already use the Workouts of the Week in SportZens and your school works with Microsoft Teams, there is an easy way to make WOW available to students in teams. In this way, it is even easier to pick up the students in case the app or browser has not yet been fully functional.


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We teachers are actually urged from all sides to be innovative in our approach to young people with an affinity for technology - and of course to meet all standards such as the education plan etc. This ensures that in all rough and detailed planning, numerous considerations have to be taken into account, at least in the back of our minds, since the number of sports lessons is known to be very limited.

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Homework in sports lessons

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Hardly any other debate in school is as continuous as that on the effectiveness of homework. While the discussion is normal in the classroom, it hardly arouses interest in the gym. Given the limited time normally available for physical education and the increasing need to document students' performance, homework is almost an imperative in order to allow students to get enough exercise.

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Wifi in nowhere - Hotspot for physical education

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Most sports halls are even worse connected to the WorldWideWeb than the schools themselves. In most cases, this is not a problem, because you don't need any technical gadgets or the Internet to play sports. For SportZens you don't need the internet either, so everything fits!

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