Meeting educational standards - there's an app for that!

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We teachers are actually urged from all sides to be innovative in our approach to young people with an affinity for technology - and of course to meet all standards such as the education plan etc. This ensures that in all rough and detailed planning, numerous considerations have to be taken into account, at least in the back of our minds, since the number of sports lessons is known to be very limited.

All in all, students now spend more than 15 hours a day with media of all kinds. Since the students are already using media all the time anyway, it is especially important that they are shown a way in sports lessons how to use the new media well and responsibly. Since there is now an app for almost everything (often even free), you "only" have to set out to find the right app. For classroom teaching, the Padagogy Wheel ( is a good choice. With it you can quickly find a suitable app/application from the inside out, which shows what you want to work on.
In sports lessons, however, as is so often the case, things do not behave in the same way as in the classroom. Since the focus here should be on movement time, the selected apps must be quickly usable and analyzable. The often slightly digitally equipped gymnasiums make the path to digital even more difficult. A good way is "BringYourOwnDevice", where each student uses his or her own smartphone. This not only means that there are many devices available, but also that all apps etc. are on the students' smartphones immediately after the introduction and can/will be used at home much more easily. Nevertheless, every sports teacher who wants to try something digital is almost automatically forced into the following thought pattern:
1. What do I want to do?
2. Which app exactly helps me with this?

Compilations of possible apps can at least be a help:

However, especially in sports lessons, the following applies: Nobody should only learn about a specific app, but only about concepts. Apps are fleeting and nobody can guarantee that an app will still be in the app or play store tomorrow, or that a free app will not cost a lot of money overnight. It should be possible to replace the selected app with another one at any time, as not all apps are equally available for both iOS and Android. This point should be considered especially for the BYOD. To get started, go directly to question 1: "What do I want to do? By answering this question and then creating a rough concept (what should be learned?) you will surely quickly find suitable apps that will support you and your students.

In order to confront the students with digital media as consistently as possible, we teachers could also design tasks and exams in which students can demonstrate the appropriate use of digital media. In (digitally supplemented) physical education, too, a performance assessment could consist not only of the classic examination of a physical performance or a theory test, but also of video analysis of a movement or the breakdown of a calorie calculator.

Krause, Jennifer M.; Sanchez, Yvonne (2014): Meeting the National Standards. There's an App for That! In: Strategies 27 (4), S. 3–12. DOI: 10.1080/08924562.2014.917997.

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