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Most sports halls are even worse connected to the WorldWideWeb than the schools themselves. In most cases, this is not a problem, because you don't need any technical gadgets or the Internet to play sports. For SportZens you don't need the internet either, so everything fits!

But once you understand digitization, you'll soon realize that the process is not just a matter of digitalization: Even in the sports hall we can make excellent use of the Internet!
There are simply too many approaches that make life easier for you, but at the same time offer students a clear added value. Here are just a few ideas to give you food for thought:
    - Watch motion videos on Youtube
    - Researching rules
    - Distribute worksheets digitally, have them processed and collect them digitally again immediately
    - perform a "Workout of the week"
    - …

And exactly for this case, digitization also brings along its own small device, the "Mobile Wlan Hotspot Router". This is a small device (approx. the size of a smartphone) that, equipped with a battery and a SIM card, sets up its own WLAN to which students can then connect.

What for:
To give students access to the Internet without consuming their scarce data

    - Check beforehand whether you have reception with your cell phone in the hall at all (even the small router can't do anything without an accessible mobile mast nearby)
    - Apply for a second card for your cell phone contract or order your own SIM card for the router (without a data line, the router is of little use to you)

Pay attention to:
    - Maximum number of participants (maybe one smartphone per two students is enough)
    - Battery

Attention: no affiliate links, inform yourself and buy where and what you want!
15 participants:

10 participants:

Depending on the model between 40 and 150 Euro. In addition best consider what you want to do with it and then decide for a model.

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